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    Poulsen 11037 Twistech Wire by Rainbow
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Fisherman's Corner spacerWelcome To Fisherman's Corner
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This commercial grade Twistech Wire  former is a welcome addition to any spinner builders tool arsenal. It can both bend and wrap wire and will make spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, spinners and rigs of all kinds. Mounts securely to table top with included hardware. Accepts wire sizes .029-.037. Instructions included. Poulsen 11037 Twistech Wire Former The Small Spinner Making Tool by Rainbow.">.................

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          Spinner Making Hooks


Poulsen Die Kit for Twistech Wire Former

Poulsen Die Kit
Converts Twistech to
.038 to .041 Wire
  Twistech Wire Former

TwisTech Spinner Maiking Clamp Mount

Poulsen 11037 Twistech Wire by Rainbow

Poulsen Wire Former Boat Mount

Boat Mount
Poulsen Twistech Spinner Making Clamp Mount
Poulsen 11037 Twistech Wire Former
Poulsen Twistech Wire
Boat Mount

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