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    Yakima Bait and Tackle
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Yakima Bait

Worden's Lil' Corky and Spin-N-Glo drift bobbers are standard fare with steelhead and salmon anglers working the rivers of the Northwest, the Great Lakes, and in the Northeast. And walleye anglers are now making them an important part of their rigs as well. Our Flatfish (which is the original Flatfish designed in the 1930's by Charles Helin) has been around and catching fish for decades. Worden's new Timber Tiger and Sea Tiger series of deep and shallow water crankbaits incorporate the latest in lure design and technology

Yakima Bait |Fatfish | Fishing Tackle


Yakima Bait and Tackle | Bob Toman | Fishing Tackle

Yakima Bait |Bob Toman| Cascade Spinner

Bob Toman
Cascade Spinner

Yakima Bait  |Bob Toman | Thumper Spinner

Bob Toman
Thumper Spinner

Yakima Bait |Bob Toman | Cascade Squid Spinner
Bob Toman
Squid Spinner

Worden's Original Lil Corky 
Worden's Original
Lil Corky

Yakima Bait | Rooster Tail | Fishing
Roster Tail

Yakima Bait | Flash Glo Squid | Fishing
Flash Glo Squid
Trolling Spinner

Yakima Bait | Flash Glo Squid | Fishing
Flash Glo Squid
Casting Spinner

Flatfish | Wordens Lures


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